The second session of "Health Cup" Basketball match explodes when summer

Publish Time:2018-04-28 Publisher:JOYROOM

At 4: 00 p.m. on April 28, 2018, the second "Health Cup" basketball match ended successfully at the rooftop of Longhua famous car Square.


This competition uses the elimination mode, through the drawing of lots to determine the four teams of the match against. In the first round, diving dragon, diving lion, Dong Ci DA Ci, , Handsome brothers all showed their charm. With tacit cooperation, ingenious steals and accurate shooting, won the crowd of applause. After fierce competition, diving dragon, diving lion two teams in the first round of the day won.


In the next day's final, the cheerleaders of the company's various departments had already packed the field. Live exciting music, but also for the upcoming finals of the tension. At the beginning, the players of both sides quickly entered the state, everyone of them is brave and energetic, competing on the court, started a round of wonderful duels. The enthusiasm of both players is high, the action of pitching is handsome and sharp, and the competition is extremely fierce, which leads the audience to give out screams and cheers and push the atmosphere of the stadium to a climax. In the end, the diving Dragon team won the final victory of the competition.


This " healthy cup " basketball match not only enriches the amateur style life of us , improves the comprehensive quality of the us , strengthens the unity and cohesion , also shows the healthy look of us . Here let us feel the wonderful moments that the players brought to us !