Do not be tied to life, take your first step! willing to challenge! Brave to fight! As long as you want nothing can not do!

JOYROOM is a well known brand in 3C products field at home and abroad, we are waiting for you to join us.

From now on, join the JOYROOM, make your life better, from the first sales job in JOYROOM!

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Your works could be your represent

Your technique could make you get admiration

Know about art, have your own style

No matter how long you’ve worked, we only care about your ability

If you can do your job well, here is your best place

Trust us, and we’ll trust you too

Join us, and make our own story

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Customer service

We talk about feelings, and funny jokes

Leaders are easy get along with and care about us

Nice looking girls, delicious food, just be careful to get fat ......

As long as you have the pursuit, a sense of responsibility, patience. Join us, our customer service man have all this quality !

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Operation and management

We need you

If you are patient about playing and make some fun

You can write and singing or dance

Emotional brain

Think outside the box

Always have your own thought

For example: You will think about how to enumerate data to proof that wear underpants out of the pants could be nice looking

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JOYROOM always want “Fresh blood”

If you have dreams and goals, join us!

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Office Environment & Our Team