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12 Advantages

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Famous brand, win-win cooperation!

Strong brand support

8 years of brand image precipitation, free to share.

Genuine product guarantee

National 3C certification, direct supply of authentic products.


Senior R & D team, innovative technology, keep the front end of the industry.

Nationwide quality assurance

No worries for after-sales

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Your ability and responsibility could be your deposit.

Uniform style store design

Unified store design, top designers tailor design solutions.

Brand promotion

Online and offline brand promotion, occasional activities support.

Regional protection

Strict regional protection policy and standardize operation.

Business guidance

Marketing instruction and successful operating experience sharing.

Strong team support

A team of more than 600 elites is at your service.

A wide range of products

Complete range of products, and new product will come out every week.

Product Advantages

Market Insight

Insight into the development trend of the industry, seize market opportunities, the latest, the hottest, the most trendy quality, always follow up on the target collective purchase intention!

Authentic Authorization

Closely follow the current trend of animation or film and television heat, targeted introduction of IP series products, all IP brand series products are licensed!

Leading professional Technology

Has established in Dongguan more than 10000 square meter of research and development, production, manufacturing base, with a number of patented technology!

Complete Category And Novel Design

Complete category, covering protection class, 3C digital class, audio class, creative life class, etc. 8 categories, novel style, unique design, more understanding of user needs!

Product Series

Quantity:more than 100 type

Product Category:

Quantity:more than 50 type

Product Category:

Quantity:more than 100 type

Product Category:

Quantity:more than 100 type

Product Category:
Bluetooth Earphone

Quantity:more than 50 type

Product Category:
Back Clip Battery
Power Bank

Quantity:more than 100 type

Product Category:
Car Chargers
Charger Heads
Wireless Chargers

Quantity:more than 50 type

Product Category:
Car bracket
Life bracket

Quantity:more than 50 type

Product Category:

Store Decoration Design

Unified store design, top designers to provide tailor-made decoration design plan, the overall display of brand image

Exhibition Photo

  • 2018 JOYROOM at Hong Kong Global Resources Electronics Show
  • 2018 JOYROOM in America CES
  • 2017 Hong Kong Spring Mobile Electronics Show
  • 2017 Shenzhen Gift & Home appliance Exhibition
  • 2017 JOYROOM at Hong Kong Global Resources Electronics Show

Great Team, Sincerely Service

Product Patent & Certified

All digital products of JOYROOM are certified by the quality management system, such as 3C, CE, ROHS, to ensure that the best quality products are provided to users.

Company History


Set up Shenzhen NITO Power Source Technology Co., Ltd., and set up the first game peripheral experience store in Hua-Qiang Bei.


Tencent authorized the design of "Q Pet Game" game supporting role image.


Strategic cooperation with SWAROVSKI, the introduction of the industry's first SWAROVSKI series of water drill phone case, optimize the product structure, to achieve the brand strategy upgrade.


Enter Tmall, JingDong two major e-commerce platforms, opened online brand flagship stores, and about 10 online brand stores.


In Guangzhou New Asia Plaza, Shenzhen Saige Communications Square and other gold locations opened brand factory stores, leading the 3C digital industry development trend.


The first provincial brand factory store was set up in Xi'an in 2015. By the end of 2017, the number of offline brand image stores had reached 2000, with Shenzhen as the core radiation worldwide.


October 2017, Hong Kong Global Resources Exhibition.


Set up cell phone data cable, phone case, screen protector, power bank, charger, bracket, etc. 8 products ecological chain factory optimize the industrial structure.


Through strategic cooperation, obtain HELLO KITTY, MARVEL, ADOONGA cooperative development right.


January 2018, attended the United States CES exhibition, the layout of the global sales network.

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